How to clear your skin (fast)

Let’s assume you’re eating right, exercising, getting enough rest AND you’ve got a great skincare routine down. But these pesky breakouts still come once in awhile. Perhaps you are having a tough few weeks at work? Hormonal imbalance? There are 101 reasons why you could be having a break out. Read on if you need a quick fix for a trip or occasion coming up!

We feel you, girl.

  1. Wash your face thoroughly! Remove all the dirt and sweat accumulated on your skin to avoid a breakout. Use a gentle cleanser or toner without alcohol to avoid further irritation.

  2. Use a face mask to get full hydration for your skin to avoid further breakouts.

  3. Apply a gel / cream that has benzoyl peroxide (antiseptic that kills bacteria associated to acne) on affected areas before you sleep. Try to use a Q-tip and not your fingers to avoid contamination. 

  4. Or applying a pimple patch. 

  5. Change your pillow case and clean your makeup brushes!

Most importantly, DON'T TOUCH IT. What are your tips and tricks for clearer skin? 

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