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  • Hi beauties,   Acne is uncomfortable, painful, and it can affect a person’s sense of confidence. Because of this, many people rush into any and every acne solution they find.   While medication and a well-curated skincare routine can be helpful at combating acne, they can sometimes cause more har... View Post
  • Hi beauties,   There’s nothing like getting some ‘vitamin sea’ on a hot, sunny, day! But a lovely day in the sun can be damaging to your skin.   Being under the sun for too long exposes us to harmful UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays can penetrate the surface layers of our skin causing sunburn and minor... View Post
  • Hi beauties,   Everyone should have their very own skincare regimen. Whether it be a simple cleansing method or a really serious 10-step routine, if it is doing wonders for your skin, then we totally support it.   Unfortunately, when someone is on a quest to find a method or a holy grail product,... View Post