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  • Hi my Quaran-team, (haha) Sorry for the lame pun - the quarantine is getting to us too. It's safe to say that we haven't put shoes on (or a bra) in a month. We've forgotten the feeling of 'form fitting' clothes and so far our existence is an equivalence of a blob.  We hope you are all coping well... View Post
  • Hi beauties!  I'm sure you've heard of this highly raved skin care ingredient - retinol. We'd say it's considered an essential in your skin care routine but be sure to choose the right type of retinol product for your skin type.  If you're in your mid 20's or early 30's it's probably time to cons... View Post
  • Hi lovelies,  Hope you are all coping well during this time. It's definitely not easy right now but staying home as much as you can is the safest thing you can do to protect those around you. (Unless you are on a stay home notice or have curfew!)  We're lucky that we have a comfortable home to st... View Post