3 Worst TikTok Beauty Hacks You Should Never Try

TikTok has taken over the internet and it has become a great platform for both entertainment and idea-sharing. Beauty and skincare gurus have also been thriving in the TikTok community. But while we are all for the free exchange of skincare and beauty hacks, some of the posted tips and tricks on the said app have been quite alarming and plain wrong.


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#1 Teeth “Perfecting” Hacks


Having straight, pearly white teeth can be the goal of many to achieve the perfect smile of their dreams. Two viral TikTok hacks claim to have found their very own DIY remedies to achieve these coveted teeth “goals”.


One of the viral hacks involves using hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth. While a teeth whitening treatment in the dentist’s office may be referred to as “bleaching” and hydrogen peroxide does have bleaching properties to it, the application of peroxide should only be done by licensed dental professionals. The use of peroxide may lead to chemical burns, sensitivity, irritation, inflammation, and irreparable damages to gums and teeth.


Another teeth “perfecting” hack involves filing teeth with metal nail files to achieve seemingly even teeth. One TikTok star has filmed herself participating in the process and claimed to have had success in the process. However, a report by the Washington Post says that her subsequent tries have lead her to experience discomforts when eating.


In the same report, dentists have warned audiences to always seek the help of actual dentists for their dental concerns especially when it comes to altering the shape of their teeth. Teeth filing can lead to damage and teeth sensitivity if it isn’t done properly.


The tooth may seem like a pretty strong structure but it includes layers of differing strengths and protection. If you trim away the hard outer structure which is called the teeth’s enamel, you will be exposing your dentin and after that, the pulp. Congratulations, you have now made your tooth more susceptible to cavities and nerve damage.


Our teeth are also arranged in a way that corresponds to our bone and muscle structure. If one tooth is sticking out, it may be because it is following the shape of your bones and muscles –not because it’s a bigger tooth that needs to be cut. By shrinking your teeth, you may be messing with the alignment that complements your bite and the overall structure of your mouth. As someone who has worn braces for three years and retainers since forever, I have seen how much study and work a dentist does just to figure out the proper alignment for one’s teeth without damaging the teeth themselves.


Dental procedures are expensive and that’s why many people look at these as a much cheaper alternative. The problem is, the DIY techniques may end up being the reason for them to visit the dental office to fix the problems they create. Or worse, if they damage the teeth too much, they can end up losing their teeth or losing sensation in the area because of nerve damage.


#2 “Natural” Skin Contouring


Natural is in and barely-there makeup has been the go-to look for a while now. To get that trimmed, contoured look without all the product, someone shared her tanning “hack” that can get you deeper facial contours.


The TikTok uploader shared that by tanning and only applying sunscreen to the highlights of her face, she ends up getting her desired contours by leaving them out to burn with the help of Mr. Sun. Genius –not!


Many of our articles have stressed the need for sunscreen because it’s true! We need sunscreen. Not just on the highlights of our face but on any and every part that gets exposed to the sun. Wrinkles, dryness, skin sensitivity, age spots, and skin cancer are the risks we expose ourselves to if we don’t make sunscreen our friend.


If you want a glowing, natural-looking, contoured face, take care of your skin and take care of your body. By exercising and eating healthy, you can achieve that contoured look. You can also polish up your makeup skills. Take advantage of the awesome products that are out in the market today. Trust me, these are better than actually burning your face in the sun.


#3 DIY Mole Removal


Cindy Crawford: one of the many beautiful women who has proven that your “beauty marks” ARE YOUR beauty marks. It is a wonder why people would want to remove their moles for aesthetic purposes but it is even more ridiculous that they would want to proceed with a DIY procedure.


Dermatologists or licensed qualified doctors are the only ones who should be diagnosing and removing certain marks on our bodies. Using homemade or commercial chemical products unsupervised should never be the case because this can lead to infections, excessive bleeding, and skin deformities.


Also, some of our body marks may look like moles, birthmarks, or any other type of blemish to us but in the eyes of well-trained medical professionals, they may be something else that needs a different type of medical attention. Fiddling with the area using tools and chemicals for skin grafting of any sort can cause more harm than good.


Final Thoughts


Tiktok is a free-for-all video uploading platform and not all the videos on the app are approved by actual medical professionals. The format itself offers no regulation behind filtering these DIY hacks so always take precaution and expert advice before trying out these hacks.


Our medical experts go through many years of studying and training because the procedures they apply on patients require a level of safety and experience. The procedures can sometimes be expensive because the treatments are not simple. The cost of tools, machines, and medicine all add up for the very goal of keeping you safe and unharmed after applying treatments.


It is your job to be keen at understanding the dangers before seeing these Tiktok videos as beauty holy grails. Always put your health and safety before anything else. Just because a video has gone viral and received many positive reactions from their followers you’d take their word for it? If it was a million validated, qualified, and licensed medical experts, there might be a chance.


Until then, keep safe and watch out for dangerous Tiktok beauty and skincare hacks.



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