Why You Need a Serum

*this post has been extensively updated on 20-June-2020

Hi, lovelies!

We know it, taking care of your skin can be confusing. You are overwhelmed with a variety of products and brands and it's becoming more and more difficult to decide if something is beneficial for your skin or it’s just a waste of money. Peelings, face masks, toners, moisturizers... It's difficult to count all the products you can see when you enter the drugstore.

If we were to choose one product that can give miraculous and visible results on our skin, it would certainly be a serum!


Unlabeled skincare serum bottle representing restoration and rejuvenation


What makes a serum so effective compared to all the other cosmetic products you own? Serums contain many similar ingredients like moisturizers, but serums deliver these active ingredients in very high concentrations. The skin has several layers and serums can penetrate deeper into skin. Some people use a serum instead of a moisturizer, but serums won’t necessarily replace your face cream. A moisturizer creates a barrier on your skin and protects it, while serum goes to the deepest layers of the skin. 

To make it work for your skin, you have to choose your serum carefully. Incorporating a serum in your skincare routine will do wonders for the look of your skin, only if you choose the right one. You need to first understand which issue you want to treat and what you are trying to improve - moisture, acne, oily skin, wrinkles… The choice also depends on your age and skin type. It’s important to know that there are both water-based and oil-based serums, so you should decide which would work better for your skin.

Serums are great at detoxifying and revitalizing tired skin, adding glow and radiance. Who doesn’t want that? The right serum can make up for many of the things your skin is missing!

How to apply a serum?

A serum should be applied on cleansed and toned skin. The application should be done morning and night for best results and to lock in the moisture that your skin needs. Place a small amount on your fingertips and massage it into your skin, in gliding strokes. To stay on the safe side, before applying any new product on your skin, it is advisable to do a small patch test on your hand or neck. Remember that if a serum works for your friend or even genetically close relative, it might not work for you! We all have a very unique genetic and microbial makeup.

What serum works for your skin type?

If your skin is acne-prone, it is probably sensitive as well. The job of picking the right serum might be even more difficult for you. You should look for vitamin C, retinol and salicylic acid. These ingredients will help your skin heal faster, they will get rid of any discoloration and soothe the irritation. You should definitely read the labels to check how often you can use serums containing these ingredients- in order not to damage your skin even more!

For all those beauties struggling with dry skin, you should look for a vitamin E, hyaluronic and glycolic acid, as well as niacinamide in your serum.

For mature skin, serums are super important, because they will keep your skin looking younger. All women just love it when someone thinks they are younger than their real age! If you want less wrinkled, younger-looking skin, look for retinol, caffeine and hyaluronic acid. Those are great active ingredients to treat mature skin.

Probiotics can also be found in serums- they are very important part of your skincare routine. They are so important for the health of your skin microbiome. If your skin is healthy, it won’t miss on that glow you want to achieve!

At Souffle beauty, we named our serum The Elixir, as it was carefully designed to bring the life back to your skin. It is very lightweight and water-based, but still powerful because of its beneficial active ingredients. It contains Bifida ferment lysate, which is a probiotic ingredient proven to decrease skin’s sensitivity and smooth the skin, as well as distilled rose water that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This is nourishing for young and mature skin, adding brightness and life to both. It doesn’t contain any alcohol or parabens, which makes it perfectly safe.

Many people decide to skip serums in their routine because they can be pricy. It is usually more expensive than a moisturizer, but that’s only because it contains high concentrations of expensive active ingredients. Considering how effective serums are and that the results are visible very soon, it’s worth the money. And if you are as impatient as we are, reaching for your wallet, in this case, won’t leave you disappointed!

Serums come in different shapes and sizes. At Souffle beauty, our serum comes with a medicine dropper. It helps you save costs in the long run and it dispenses exactly what you need without wasting.

If you haven’t found your perfect serum yet, it is time to go for the hunt!




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