Why You Need a Serum

What is a serum and why do you need it? 

Serums are generally more costly due to the nature of higher potency and % of active ingredients inside. This brings you more intense results and helps you achieve the best skin you can have. I love using serums as the results are more visible and faster (for those impatient like me). 

Serums come in many different shapes and sizes but at Souffle Beauty our serum comes in a medicine dropper
Why? It helps you save cost in the long run! 
How? It dispenses exactly what you need without wasting. 

Serums are made of tiny molecules that can be absorbed into your skin quicker and is more effective for your skin. Just be sure to test the serum on your hand for consistency before purchasing it. I personally don't like sticky textures, so this is something I look out for. Check out The Elixir by Souffle Beauty! It consists of distilled rose water, super lightweight serum with no alcohol or parabens. You'll love the consistency and how it gives your skin a natural glow.

Psst.. Use your serum before your moisturizer! 


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