What's In My Makeup Bag?

Happy Labour Day! 

We're going to dive right in and discuss about makeup bags. Isn't it weird that there are no two makeup bags alike? Everyone has their own essentials and go-tos. Personally, as an “avid” gym-goer, I spend my time getting ready in the gym - fast and on the go. I'm constantly looking for durable (and pretty) skincare and makeup.

What’s inside my bag? 

  • Black eyeliner (MUST have), I’m currently using K-Palette Disney Limited Edition. (It’s the blue one!)
  • Mascara - Drug store brand Essence (can be found in Guardian), great for volume and length.
  • Eyeshadow - Colorpop singular eye shadow, super pigmented.
  • Make Up For Ever - shadow brush
  • Maybelline - eye brow pencil / crayon (I prefer using this as it’s easier to blend and draw quickly)
  • YSL lipstick - nude coloured & smooth, works like a lip balm! 
  • Souffle Beauty Bulgarian Rose Serum (Lightweight, non-sticky or oily, great for tropical climates, travel sized and glowy finish - it's eveeeerything.)
  • Clean and clear travel sized facial cleanser
  • Biore Aqua travel sized sun block
  • Deodorant 

Those are my essentials but I can imagine for those who use foundation would have a compact BB cushion and use a cleansing balm to wash their faces. What are your essentials in your makeup bag? Till next time.


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