What are Active Ingredients?

Hello beauties!

What are active ingredients? 
- Self communicating ingredients that signals the skin cells to act based on the ingredient's purpose. 
- They are in most skin care products to help show results and improve your skin's condition.
- Essential in making skin care products work based on the proposed benefits.(i.e. helps with hyper pigmentation, aging, brightening, etc..) 

- Be wary of certain combinations or certain types of active ingredients as they have potential side effects based on your skin type.
- Active ingredients could cause irritation to your skin. 

Mass produced or prescribed? 
- They are present in both, but might be more concentrated in prescribed skin care as they are made to target certain issues such as acne.
For example: Retinoids help with reversal of skin damage and aging but prescribed Retinols are used for people with severe acne. 

Try to stick to one active ingredient at a time i.e. don't mix products with many different active ingredients to avoid irritation.
- Look for products that mixes active ingredients for you - don't try to mix it yourself unless you are 100% you know what works.
Don't over exfoliate your skin and last but not least, moisturize & sunscreen always. 

What to do when reacting badly to any active ingredient? 

  1. Stop usage immediately.
  2. Use hydrocortisone cream for relief. 
  3. It should clear away naturally after. 
  4. If not, go see a dermatologist for help. 


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