Top 4 TikTok Beauty Trends We Look Forward to in 2023

Time has been flying by so fast in 2023! We hope all of you have been getting into your beauty groove just as well. To get you up-to-date on what’s been trending in the beauty world so far, here’s a list of the top TikTok beauty hacks we’ve been loving and following lately.


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Dermatologist and brand founder Dr. Whitney Bowe coined the term “skin cycling” and it’s one of the most hyped trends in the TikTok beauty-verse. To date, the TikTok trend has been garnering billions of views and has been buzzed about across all social media platforms and it looks like the hype isn’t dying down anytime soon. The routine is curated to minimize the possible stripping effects of potent ingredients like retinoids and acids. In skin cycling, you incorporate rest days in your regimen between exfoliating and active treatments. 

The concept of skin cycling itself isn’t all that new. Skin cycling is all about setting your own personal routine and allowing yourself to be more in tune with your skincare needs. What probably draws people into it is that there aren’t tight restrictions that come with the practice. You can mix and match products and the schedule is more forgiving than other routines. Another thing that sets the allure is the idea that you can save your skin from harsh products before things get worse. If your skin starts feeling dry or sensitive, you get to press pause on certain treatments and allow more time to feel it out. The whole point of the routine is to help you become more intuitive about how your skin reacts to certain ingredients. 



@glowwithmar Skin cycling reaps the benefits of exfoliation without going overboard and causing potential damage or irritation to the skin within a 4-night cycle! Would you try it 👀#skincycling #skincycle #skinbarrier #skinbarrierrepair #skinexfoliation #exfoliation #retinol #retinolserum #retinolskincare #skincareproducts #skincaretips #skincare101 #skintok #skinhealth #acneskincare #acnetreatment #skintreatment ♬ son original - sbmedit


To set yourself up with skin cycling, you just need to pick out which days are active and which ones are rest days. The popular 4-day skin cycling regimen involves exfoliating on the first day, applying a retinoid on the second day, and leaving out the third and fourth days as “rest” or moisturizing days. 


This trend has carried over from 2022’s minimalist beauty era. The clean girl aesthetic favors the natural or classic no-makeup makeup look with a little bit of glow. Some people get iffy about the trend’s name sounding too exclusive but essentially, the goal of the look is to look sleek and uncomplicated.


@joannadaviddd keeping it real 😩 #cleanmakeup #tutorial #fyp ♬ Normal Girl - SZA

To get the look, you want to have your hair slicked back, your eyebrows fluffed with barely any product in it, and most importantly, you need to get your skin looking as luminescent as ever. You want your makeup and skincare products to compliment a light, glowing, golden-hour look with skin that looks flawless and dewy with no traces of cakey foundation.

Although the clean girl aesthetic aims to look effortless, it’s not actually as easy as it looks. Not everyone has perfect, untextured skin! But hey, if you like the look, we say go for it. If there’s anything the Souffle team wants to take away from this trend is the idea that you need to have pristine skin to actually pull it off. Be free and confident when you try this look out. In fact, we think confidence is the key to perfectly achieving the clean girl aesthetic.


This trend has flourished on TikTok with Hailey Bieber as the main muse. The glazed donut look has started from shimmery, dewy skin and now it has become the texture of choice for nails, eye makeup, and even fashion. 

Still taking cues from the minimalist beauty trend, the glazed beauty trend calls for skin that looks fresh, especially when the light hits it from different points. And this is exactly why Hailey Bieber comes at the forefront of this TikTok trend. Hailey loves advocating for dewy, healthy skin and swears by a well-curated skincare regimen which includes a balanced diet, vitamin C, and holistic treatments. It’s all about getting plump, radiant skin.



skincare to become a glazed donut

♬ woo - Retired Editor


After everyone’s gone crazy with the glazed donut skin trend, we now have glazed donut nails! This trend is a lot easier to achieve, however. It’s just white nail polish topped with shimmering chrome. If you want to be part of the trend without going through the full effort of an overhauled skincare regimen, then this just might be your chance. And if getting your nails done is still a bit much, you can grab yourself some pearl textured accessories and you’re in trend!


Not meowing – as in a cat's language. Mewing is a bit bizarre but it’s nothing new. The trend has been garnering millions of views on TikTok with people doing a demo of it. The supposed hack promises to give a more chiseled jawline for a model-like portrait. Unfortunately, the sharper jawline is temporary and lasts as quickly as a selfie shot.


@allyoucanface Fix your tongue posture = fix your breathing = improve how you look 👍🏽❤️ #mewing ♬ original sound - Hope Schwing


The beauty hack isn’t really that complicated. As the TikTok demos show, just press your tongue to the roof of the mouth, et voila! You got yourself a snatched jawline. Some people have known this hack for years and swear by the technique. It’s a bit surprising how much it blew up on TikTok but it’s understandable for the amount of selfies being uploaded each and everyday. If you ask us, though, there’s nothing wrong with having a regular, untrimmed jawline but it’s equally fine to try a new look that’s new to you. 

All these trends on TikTok have been fun and interesting. We can’t wait to see a lot more coming up this year. Which trend are you looking to try from this list? 

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