Tips & Tricks for The Perfect Skin

*this post has been extensively updated on 20-June-2020

Hi, beauty lovers!

Do you ever feel like you can't achieve that glamorous, smooth makeup look? You tried all the best-reviewed foundations, concealers and blushes out there and yet your skin still doesn't want to work for you? Well, your skin is the foundation of all the foundations! If your skin is not happy, it will punish you. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can support your skin.

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Just to make it clear, there’s no one simple solution that will make your skin perfect overnight. There are many skin types, some of which are blessed with good genetics and some are prone to different kinds of imperfections. Life is not fair and some people will face bigger challenges in finding their perfect skincare routine, while others won’t have to spend so much time worrying about their skin. But overall, we promise you that, in the end, you can achieve that beautiful, glowing skin! Just follow these simple rules made by skincare queens.

Follow your skincare routine!

Finding your routine might be more difficult than it seems. We hear so many different opinions and advice on how many products we should use, in which order, how often… It seems impossible to decide which way is the right way. Some people claim that you need to use up to 10 products to satisfy your skin’s needs. We think that’s a bit radical! Who has so much time and money to spare?

Most dermatologists agree that you should a 4-step routine:

  1. Wash your skin. Do it with a gentle cleanser, no matter how oily your skin is. You want to take off the dirt, but not to damage your skin’s natural barrier.
  2. Tone. Many people skip this step, even though it’s very important. Toners balance the pH of your skin and can help you solve any problem your skin suffers from, if only you pick the right ingredients to treat it.
  3. Put your eye cream on. It’s very important to include this step early, in your 20s. It may not seem necessary, but you’ll be happy for not skipping this step later when the area around your eyes starts to wrinkle.
  4. Moisturize. You can use a cream, a serum, or both. It all depends on what your skin likes the most. Even if your skin is oily, you still need to moisturize! Just look for the right product.

From time to time, you can include some additional steps, like a face mask or a pimple treatment. Even if you are religiously following your skincare routine, your skin still faces many challenges. After all, it is the first defense line of your organism. You can look up the products that will help your skin adjust to cold weather or include some skincare for humid weather.

Stay hydrated!

Yes, this starts to get boring, but it’s just too important! Your body starts to wrinkle as you get older because it loses a lot of water. This process will go a lot faster if you don’t hydrate your organism well. Also, water is the purifying agent that removes the toxins from your body and, by doing that, prevents acne. If you have issues with remembering to drink enough during the day, there are many apps that will remind you. There is no excuse!

Skincare routine-but from the inside!

Skin is the biggest organ in the human body. Facial creams, serums and oils are full of vitamins and other nutrients which nourish skin from the outside. But what many people forget is that all those nutrients are even more needed on the inside! If your skin is lifeless, or when pimples, our biggest enemies, start to show up it’s time to take care of your diet. Fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins will work together with your skincare products to make your skin gorgeous. Look up the best foods for your skin.

Support your skin microbiome!

Your skin is the protector against all the danger that is around us. It is a barrier, a shield that keeps away viruses, bacteria and dirt. No wonder that there are trillions of microorganisms on our skin. Yes, it may sound gross. There are bacteria and fungi all over us, but that is what keeps the skin protective and beautiful.

It’s easy to conclude that the products that you use on your skin should be beneficial for your skin and its microbiome. This area of skin care isn’t fully researched yet and we are just starting to learn the importance of good skin microbiome health. Which products are skin microbiome friendly? Most significantly, those products shouldn’t be too harsh or pH altering. Using products that contain probiotics have been proven to help with inflammatory skin diseases, keeps harmful microorganisms away and prevents sun damage.

Don’t pop your pimples- really, don’t!

We know you are guilty of doing this. We have all been there. Our dermatologists keep repeating this, we all know it’s bad, but it’s so difficult to keep our fingers away from those nasty things on our face. Popping pimples will probably make it even more visible, redder and it will take so much more time to heal. By popping the pimple, you are opening a wound and making it so easy for bacteria to enter your skin, probably causing more pimples and inflammation. Also, if you notice some hyperpigmentation it might be because you popped your pimples.

Change your pillowcase!

This seems obvious and simple, but hey, we are all guilty of forgetting this. If you wake up with acne on your cheeks it might be time for a new, fresh pillowcase. It is recommended to change it once a week. Your head is on that pillowcase for around 8 hours every night, so there is sweat, oil and bacteria on your case, which is perfect for acne!

And what are your hacks for perfect skin?


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