Hi lovelies, 

This is a basic process for day & night routine in the order that you should be applying your skin care products. You can slot in using your spot treatment or eye cream after your serum and before your moisturizer. Just make sure you are using the right kind! 

Day time:

1. Cleanser - wash your face with your favorite gentle cleanser to start your day!
2. Toner - some people don’t believe in using toners but some people can’t live without it. Toners help the skin’s pH level balance out from the cleansers.
3. Serum - find one with the active ingredients towards your skin goals.
4. Moisturizer - extra hydration for your skin to protect from dirt and pollution. 
5. Sunscreen - don’t leave home without it!

Night time routine is a bit longer than the day time. You want to make sure it’s repairing your skin while you are asleep. 

1. Cleanse - wash your face before you hit the hay. Some even recommending double cleansing if you’ve used makeup to ensure that your skin is clean and to remove excess dirt / makeup. 
2. Toner - to help cleanse your face fully and start the process of absorbing your skin care’s active ingredients. 
3. Serum / essence / boosters - you’ll want to use something with high potency to help rejuvenate your skin overnight! This should be like a treatment for your skin. 
4. Eye cream - this is a dedicated cream due to it’s sensitivity. The skin underneath your eyes are very thin. 
5. Moisturizer - you’ll need to use a moisturizer to seal it all in. Let your skin soak up all that goodness. 

Hope this helps, share with us your routine! Or if you have any queries, please feel free to email us at hello@soufflebeauty.com


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