The Best Beauty Hacks We Learned From Tiktok

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After the countless apps that have gone our way, Tiktok has suddenly popped up out of nowhere and invaded our feeds. From crazy stunts to people dancing, it has been entertaining everyone on the internet since it exploded.


However, as crazy as it sounds, Tiktok is now becoming a great source of beauty hacks. You heard it right, the beauty community in Tiktok is thriving and we’re here for it! Tiktok’s short video formats are paving the way for easy-to-follow and entertaining beauty tutorials. Gurus and enthusiasts have now started spilling their beauty secrets on the platform.


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Take a look at our favorites so far:


#1 Dark Underarms No More


The derm-doctor collaborated with a fellow Tiktok star to let you know that The Ordinary’s peeling solution can help solve shadowy armpits.


To lighten underarms with the product, apply the solution on both armpits. Let it sit for a maximum of 5 minutes on the skin. Then, rinse the solution with water.


Dr. Shah warns, however, that darker skin types should use the solution with caution as it contains glycolic acid which may cause inflammations and eventually make skin darkness even worse. The method should only be used once every two weeks as well.


#2 Make Your Own Eyebrow Gel


Eyebrow gels can be expensive. If you find yourself without one (or not really wanting to splurge on one), then try out this eyebrow gel hack using simple hair gel!


The Tiktok star, Allie Albeno, shows everyone you can basically get your favorite spoolie or old mascara wand, dab a small amount of hair gel on it, and brush up your eyebrows like you would with a regular eyebrow gel.


This is a cheaper and effective way of getting your eyebrows on fleek. Just find the right hair gel formula that works for you.


#3 Cut up the Tube Packaging


Get the most out of your product if it comes in a tube packaging. I love saving money and so my heart was filled with joy when I saw this money-saving hack from Tiktok.


You think you’ve run out of product when nothing comes out after you have shaken the tube with all your might. You’re wrong! This Tiktok beauty guru cut up her product tube and revealed just how much gets left inside the packaging. Ta-da! You have one more round of use.


Please do this to get a last shot at the product, though. Throw whatever you don’t use right after. Cutting up the tube will leave the product exposed and may cause terrible effects on most formulations.


#4 Beautiful Waves Without the Heat


Blow driers and curling irons can do a lot of damage to our hair. Fortunately, Tiktok has blessed us with a no-heat method that can give us beautiful soft waves. Plus, you only need one tool to get the job done!


Put away the curling iron and make way for the robe tie! What? Yes, the robe tie that goes around the waist. Just portion your hair into two then twist each portion around and along the robe before bedtime. Go to sleep with the tie on and get perfect waves in the morning.


Protip: You can spray some product on your waves after losing the tie to keep it from dropping throughout the day.


#5 Perfume last longer


I hate having to spray on perfume again and again to keep the scent going. Sometimes you find the right fragrance but it just won’t last long enough on your skin!


This Tiktok video provides a fragrance saving hack. To make perfume scents last longer, rub in an unscented lotion on the points where you’ll be spraying your perfume. Spray on the perfume and the scent clings on to your skin even better. If you only have vaseline with you, that can work too. And hey, don’t rub your wrist after spritzing on the perfume, this only makes the fragrance evaporate faster!


#6 Get Luxe Lashes for Cheaper


Well, you’re not actually buying luxe lashes for a cheaper price. What this Tiktok user did was get her relatively cheaper set of lashes and transform them into lush, fluffy lashes!


Here’s how you do the trick:


Get a clean spoolie and keep brushing the generic lashes into shape. In the video, you’ll see how amazingly this transforms the basic lashes. The lashes are curled up and spread out to add volume and look more natural.

Of course, high-end lashes are not just about aesthetics. Some may also be more comfortable to wear than the basic ones but I will keep this in mind every time I use regular lashes.


#7 Eyebrow soap


This has gone viral in the whole makeup universe. Tiktok makeup and eyebrow lovers are praising this eyebrow beauty hack!


You simply need a damp spoolie and brush it against plain soap until it lathers up a bit. Now that the spoolie is slightly soapy, use it to brush up and set fresh eyebrows in place. Go ahead with your usual eyebrow tinting and filling then brush them up with soapy spoolie once more.


Won’t my eyes sting if I sweat? Don’t worry. There is so little soap in this that it really isn’t enough to sting your eyes after sweating.


#8 Fix broken makeup


Broken makeup = broken heart. It’s pretty devastating to find your favorite compact or palette in pieces especially when it’s an expensive brand. If this suddenly happens to you, Tiktok has an awesome solution for you.


Start by destroying the product even more. Yes, put all your frustrations into breaking up the pressed makeup into smaller, uniform pieces. Once they’re easier to manage, spray on some alcohol to cover the product. Grab a paper towel to cover the powder and use a bottle lid to press the makeup into place. Wait for the product to dry up completely. Voila! You have your makeup as good as new!


How about you? Have you found a beauty hack on Tiktok too?



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