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Skincare Ingredients

  • Hi beauties!  I'm sure you've heard of this highly raved skin care ingredient - retinol. We'd say it's considered an essential in your skin care routine but be sure to choose the right type of retinol product for your skin type.  If you're in your mid 20's or early 30's it's probably time to cons... View Post
  • Hey sunny beauties! You already know the importance of protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays. Proper use of sunblock plays a huge role in prevention of skin cancer. But with all of the options on the market, which one is right for you? How often should you wear it? And what ingredients in su... View Post
  • A little moisture is great for the skin, but when the humidity is over 85% – it is NOT our friend. Living in the hot climate that we do, we know that the weather can wreak havoc on our skin. The good news is, there are some skincare ingredients that actually help combat the humidity! (No – the an... View Post