What Your Skincare Routine Should Be Like If You Live in the Tropics

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Living in the tropics can sound fun if you think about the beach and the merry, sunny weather. But, once you experience getting a terrible sunburn and being in the extreme sweltering heat, you might just change your mind - and your skincare routine!

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There are days when the heat in tropical countries is just right. But, there are also days when it can get unbearable. When combined with humidity, it can be a challenge for the body to try and balance its temperature. You end up sweating a lot and your skin feels oilier and stickier.


The pores of the skin tend to become enlarged in hot and humid weather too. When this happens, more oil, dirt, and other forms of debris get to enter the pores.


The heat also makes the skin sensitive and prone to skin irritations like rosacea, acne, eczema, and sunburn. With clogged pores and sensitive skin, it might just leave your skin in a wreck.

This is why your skincare routine should match the type of climate you live in.


Here are some skincare tips you can follow if you live in the tropics:



#1 Make Sunscreen Your Best Friend


Sunscreen is something that is often taken for granted but it is one of the most important steps in a tropical skincare routine. Each time you are under the sun, your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays. This causes photoaging and breaks down collagen in the skin which will lead to lines, blemishes, and sagging. Sun damage also causes dark spots and an uneven skin tone.


Wearing sunscreen can also help to lower the risk of skin cancer. Your chances of developing skin cancer get cut by 50% when you wear sunscreen.


There is a large variety of sunscreens available nowadays. You can get a tinted or a moisturizing sunscreen. They also come in different forms. But the safest version is still the lotion type as it offers more coverage for longer period of time. Whatever your choice ends up being, make sure to follow the recommended SPF value for sunscreens of 15 or higher as suggested by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


Take note that sunscreens also work within a certain period of time. If you are swimming or staying under the sun for quite a long time, you may need to reapply sunblock to continue protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays from the sun.



#2 Find the Right Skin Cleanser


As dirt, oil, and pollution get trapped in your pores, it is important to cleanse your skin properly. But, you cannot just use any skin cleanser. The safest way is to go for a mild skin cleanser that can effectively remove oil and dirt without ruining your skin flora. Our skin has a natural layer of protection made up of microorganisms that help combat bad bacteria and viruses. The skin flora also helps the skin stay hydrated and maintain collagen.



#3 Moisturize Your Skin


This may sound counter-intuitive if you want to avoid oiliness and sweat. However, using an oil-free moisturizer can actually prevent your skin from producing too much oil and sweat. It also makes the skin’s surface softer so oil and dirt won’t easily clog your pores. Nourishing moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and can help prevent collagen from breaking down.

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#4 Prep Your Skin With Toner


Use a moisturizer after your favorite skin cleanser or get better results by using a gentle toner before applying moisturizer. Toners lift up dirt and oil that weren’t caught by your facial wash. This step also prepares your skin to more effectively absorb the good ingredients from your moisturizer or serum.



#5 Mask Up


Aside from its moisturizing benefits, face masks are also a good way to soothe and nourish the skin especially after a really hot day in the sun.


You can try Souffle Beauty’s newest addition, a Prebiotic & Rose Sheet Mask With Double Hooks. This mask can help lock in moisture and enrich your skin with prebiotics and rose essence. The uniquely designed lifting V-shape face and neck mask also have double hooks that attach to the ears for better coverage of the face and neck. It is alcohol and paraben-free. Prebiotic masks rebalances your skin’s microbiome, intensely hydrates and moisturizes, and leaves skin feeling smooth and luminous.



#6 Cover up With Clothes and Accessories


When swimming or surfing, wear a rash guard to protect your arms and chest from the sun’s UV rays. These areas tend to be forgotten and can suffer the most from sunburns.


Hats and sunglasses can also be your allies against the sun aside from sunscreens. A wide-brimmed hat isn’t only stylish, it protects the face and scalp from getting sunburned too. Sunnies also offer great sun protection for your face and eyes.



#7 Self-tanners Can Get You That Golden Glow


If you love getting that nice golden tan but don’t want to get burned under the raging sun, then you can always use self-tanners. It’s a safer way to get that beach glow and you don’t end up suffering from the sunburn sting.



#8 Have a Hanky or Towelette in Hand


Sweat can be annoying and an oily sheen is not the same as a golden glow. When you feel like wiping away all that sweat and oil, do not use your hands. Our hands come into contact with just about anything and bacteria and viruses can be present there. These can transfer to your skin with a touch of your hand. It’s better to use blotting papers or a clean handkerchief to wipe away oil and sweat.


Final Thoughts


You can’t always hide away from the sun. What you need is a good skincare routine and use products that match the climate of the place you live in. You can still have all the perks of living in a hot weathered country. Just don’t forget to take care of your skin and protect it from the harmful rays of the skin and the humidity’s effect on your skin.



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