Quarantine Skincare - Take This Time to Take Care of Your Skin

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Everyone has been going into quarantine these days to help slow down the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Although some places have been doing better during this pandemic, it is still good to keep safe and choose to stay at home until things are clear.


With that, one thing you should not forget about while being in quarantine is taking care of your skin. In fact, this may be the best time to give your skin a little TLC.


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Bad News for Your Skin


While your skin is getting a bit of a rest from outside pollution, daily sun damage, and everyday makeup routines, being in quarantine also poses some risks of damaging our skin.


Being in quarantine does bring anxiety and stress and this could lead to eating unhealthy food, consuming more alcohol, less exercise, and lack of sleep. Staying indoors also exposes you to more air conditioning. These are all bad news for your skin.


So, how do we take care of our skin during quarantine?


Quarantine Skincare Dos and Don’ts



#1 Keep practicing good hygiene


Admit it, it can be tempting to skip taking a bath when you’ve got nowhere else to go. But, taking a bath is an important process for our skin. This gets rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of our skin. It is also important to wash away bacteria, oil, and sweat that can clog up our pores and pave the way for skin infections and irritations.


Taking long hot showers can be bad for your skin and hair, though. This dries out the skin and can cause falling hair. It is better to wash at a comfortable temperature that isn’t too hot nor too cold.



#2 Get enough sleepy


Sleeping lets our body reset and heal. Healthy sleeping includes being able to sleep regularly and falling asleep on time. Having 7-9 hours of continuous sleep every day should be your goal.  Your body should also be able to sleep within 15-20 minutes after lying down to sleep. Good healthy sleep also includes waking up fresh and alert.


Not getting enough healthy sleep causes the body to release cortisol which is a stress hormone that can cause acne and psoriasis. So, if you are wondering where you got that zit from, it may be from a lack of sleep.


When trying to fall asleep, avoid using your gadgets like cellphones and laptops. These activities will keep your mind awake and this will mess up your sleeping routine.


Remember to keep your bedroom a relaxing space for sleep as well. Try to avoid working on the bed so your body does not recognize it as a space for work.



#3 Exercise


Exercising can help your body burn away cortisone. This reduces stress and gives you clearer skin. Working out also helps you get better rest and sleep.



#4 Wear moisturizer


Air conditioning can actually dry out your skin. To avoid getting flaky skin, use a moisturizer that matches your skin type.


Your lips can get chapped from the cold air too. So wear a lip balm and use moisturizing lip scrubs to avoid chappy lips.



#5 Moisturize your hands


Dealing with the coronavirus has led us to more frequent hand washing and using alcohol and sanitizers when we’re outside the house. This will dry out the skin on your hands so always remember to moisturize your hands as well.


You can apply coconut oil or hand lotions to your hands as a part of your bedtime skincare routine.


#6 Be careful with skincare too


This is the time to indulge and experiment with your skincare routine. Explore using masks, peels, and exfoliants but always practice caution. Not all products are good for all skin types.


Chemical and scrub exfoliants should only be done once or twice a week but it also depends on your skin type. Always go for the safer options. You would not want to mess with your skin’s microbiome too much and end up with more sensitive skin.


Don’t over-cleanse as well. Our skin has its own flora that keeps a good balance of microorganisms on our skin’s surface to fight out infections and irritations.


Our body also has a tendency to produce more natural oils if we keep stripping them away. The body goes into protective mode and you only end up with oilier, more sensitive skin if you keep doing this.


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#7 Eat healthily


The whole body including the skin relies on the nutrients we feed it to heal and build immunity. Getting good skin requires eating good food as well. Being in quarantine may tempt you to eat sweets and junk food that’s high in carbs and sodium. These can mess with your body’s hormones and your body’s ability to strengthen and heal.



#8 The sun is good and bad


Staying indoors does protect us from outdoor pollution and too much sun. However, we need a little bit of sunlight too. Sunlight helps our body with vitamin D production. It also helps to improve our mood and heal certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.  To get some sun, open the windows or take a short walk outside when the sun is calm and friendly.


Too much sun, however, can be bad for you too. This exposes you to a variety of risks like skin cancer, heat rash, acne, and other skin infections. The harmful UV rays of the sun can also cause skin photoaging and weakening of the collagen.


That’s why it is still important not to skip on your SPF. When you’re inside the house, the sun’s UV rays can also enter through the window or any form of outside entry.


Final Words


Make the most out of your quarantine. Even though it comes with a lot of uncertainty, it is better to continue taking care of your well-being while the whole world fights this pandemic with you. Keep safe and stay beautiful!



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