Prep Your Skin For The Summer

*this post has been extensively updated on 16-June-2020

Summer means shorts, tanks and bathing suits! Have you started prepping your skin for this? Having good skincare for tropical weather will help you feel more comfortable wearing your best summer outfits and enjoying your day with Mr. Sunshine even better.

Aside from looking great in your outfits, you also have to watch out for skin damage during hot weather. Summer may be fun and awesome but you still want your skin to look great even after the season. Here are four great steps to upgrade your summer skincare routine:

Girl tanning under the sun

Body Scrub / Exfoliation

Although the skin naturally sheds off dead skin cells regularly, some parts may be missed out and this tends to create dry, flaky patches that end up clogging your pores. To help your skin out, you can do exfoliation to get softer, brighter skin. Exfoliation also helps prep your skin so it can absorb topical skin care products better.

One way to exfoliate your skin is by using a body scrub to buff away dry skin leaving you with smooth and supple skin. Coffee scrubs are one of our favorite body scrubs. Not only does it help unclog your pores, coffee also has chlorogenic acids in it. Chlorogenic acid helps protect from certain strains of bacteria and it can also reduce inflammation.

Plus, we just love the smell of coffee! Who doesn’t? Be careful not to clog your drain, though!

Other scrubs you can check out are Shea butter, salt scrubs, and eucalyptus-infused scrubs. These are all great scrubs that can leave you with smooth, glowing, summer-ready skin.

A word of warning, though, some scrubs tend to be too harmful on the skin. Watch out for scrubs that have ingredients like synthetic beads and crushed shells. These can be too abrasive especially on sensitive skin because of the shape and material of the granules. These tend to clog the drainage system as well so be careful when you’re disposing of them.

Pro tip: Wash your body with warm water before applying scrubs. This preps your skin by making it softer before exfoliation. Having softer skin also lubricates the skin and lessens the risk of skin damage from the scrubs.


Light serums / creams

It’s important to use a light moisturizer or serum during summer to avoid clogged pores and add a layer of protection to your skin. Moisturizers perform a similar task to sebum by locking in hydration within your skin without the worry of clogging in your pores.

Worried about feeling a thick layer of gunk on your skin during a warm, sunny day? You can try oil-free moisturizers to avoid that sticky, greasy feeling throughout the day. Some oil-free serums come packed with hydrating ingredients to help your skin stay hydrated in warm weather without the stickiness.

Psst.. Check out Souffle’s The Elixir - Rose Serum! It’s super hydrating and it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This is a summer essential especially if you want to spend some time in the sun!

What makes Souffle’s serum so great is that it’s a probiotic skincare product with prebiotics in it as well. Our skin has its own natural microbiome which means it is made up of microorganisms that help create a balance within our skin’s surface.

This balance allows the skin to lock in moisture and maintain that protective barrier the skin naturally creates. Prebiotics are essential for probiotics like bifida ferment lysate to keep working its magic on the skin.

The fermentation process done to create bifida ferment lysate also breaks down the probiotics small enough to penetrate the skin better while being light enough to wear under hot weather. This serum is also quite handy in hot tropical weather because it can help lessen the damage you get from UV light.


Mask, mask, mask!

We’re all about basking in the sunshine during the summer – workin’ on that tan while having a glass of vino! It does take a toll on the skin, though. Even though we love the sun so much, it does a lot of damage to our skin because of the harmful UV rays it gives off.

As the damages from UV rays build up, this leads to wrinkles, dark spots, and other serious problems on your skin. That’s why it’s important to do a weekly mask to restore the hydration back into your skin. Go for masks that have ingredients that promote skin rejuvenation and hydration. Some of these ingredients are aloe vera, vitamin E, rose oil and honey. These ingredients can help rehydrate your skin and allow it to soothe and repair.

You can grab yourself some mask sheets that are already soaked in serum and ready to use. Or, you can also get yourself some blank sheets so you can apply any serum to them. The sheet can help the serum stay in place so you can let the serum sit longer on your skin.

After a nice day in the sun, you can relax with a soothing mask on. Indulge as your skin repairs and rejuvenates getting ready for your next day in the sun. Do this once a week and get yourself brighter and plumper skin even in summer!



Last but not least… use protection! We mean SPF. This is one thing you cannot ever forget – sunscreen! It’s always important to wear your favorite sunscreen for a good layer of protection when you’re out in the sun. The sun may be your friend but the UV rays can be your skin’s number one enemy.

Layer on that SPF on top of your favorite serum or moisturizer. All the damages your skin gets from the sun can add ages to your look. Nobody wants that! So keep yourself looking youthful even as you enjoy staying out in summer by wearing sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if you think you burn easily or not. Some damages from UV rays may not seem so obvious to the naked eye.


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