Summer means shorts, tanks and bathing suits! Have you started prepping your skin? It’s important to start so you can spend as much time as you can in the sunshine!

Souffle beauty tanning

Body Scrub / Exfoliation
Try using a body scrub to buff dry skin leaving you smooth and supple skin. We love using coffee scrubs (guilty; we love coffee smell but who doesn’t?). Other ones you can check out are Shea butter, salt scrubs or eucalyptus. Be aware of clogging your drain though! 

Use warm water to wash your body before applying the scrub, it will help to soften your skin before exfoliation! 

Light serums / creams 
It’s important to use a lighter moisturiser or serum during summer to avoid clogged pores. If your skin type is suitable, try oil-free moisturisers to avoid feeling oily throughout the day! Ideally a product that is oil-free and power packed with hydration. Don’t forget layering on UV protection!

Psst.. You can check out Souffle’s serum! Super hydrating and helps to smooth fine lines. Essential for being out in the sunshine for so long! 

Mask mask mask
We’re all about basking in the sunshine during the summer. Workin’ on that tan having a glass of vino. It does take a toll on the skin even after protection. It’s important to do a weekly mask to restore the hydration back into your skin. Mask up at least once a week! 

Last but not least… use protection! We mean SPF. 


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