Parfum or Fragrance in Skincare

There’s not one easy answer for this. 

 If you’ve got hypo-sensitive skin and you are prone to eczema, using any sort of skincare with fragrance or any smells (including essential oils) is probably not good for you.

Generally, almost all skin care has some sort of fragrance. 


Think about all the smells from bath & body works (smells soooo good haha) or essential oils in general!  But at the end, people love smelling nice. When a cream or lotion is mixed (naturally) the smell isn't that great - so brands generally use fragrance to mask the scents. Brands that are ‘fragrance-free’ will use other chemicals to eliminate the original smell giving it a more neutral scent. 

Basically, it’s up to personal preference. For some people, they avoid fragrance or parfum in any of their skincare products but vice versa, there are some who do not like the natural scents of the products. How I see it, if the product has a light scent to it - I’d be okay with it as long as it’s not too strong cause then you know there’s a lot of fragrance in it.

What I would suggest is doing a patch test on your arm before buying any skincare particularly if you have hypo-sensitive skin! 

Hope this helps and till next time. 


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