Myth Busters: Is Mineral Oil Really Bad For You?

Myth buster: Is Mineral Oil really bad for you? 

Answer: Nope! (well cosmetic / pharmaceutical grade ones are not) 

Did you know? Baby oil = perfumed mineral oil. Whaaaaat? 😱

What is mineral oil? 
Colourless and odorless oil made from petroleum - by product of distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. Commonly used in skincare. 

There are different levels of mineral oils, the best being cosmetic / pharmecutical grade which means it’s been thoroughly purified and safe for skin. The approval for this will need to go through certain authorities before manufacturing usage for skincare. 

It’s an effective emollient, which means it forms a protective (oily) layer on your skin that traps water aka retains moisture for your skin. (You gotta cleanse your skin before re-applying other products though - but that's to avoid product build up, duh.) 

It's also a myth that mineral oil clogs pores which essentially leads to acne / pimples. Mineral oils are known to be 'non-comedogenic' which essentially means it doesn't clog pores. I mean.. if babies use it, it can't be that bad for us, right? 

Why is mineral oil used in Souffle beauty’s cleansing balm

Our product line is largely targeted for hot & tropical climates and for people who prefer lighter skincare. The mineral oil in the cleansing balm helps to breakdown makeup on your face while retaining moisture and not clog your pores. It’s essential to use a lighter oil in hot & tropical climate to ensure that it stays on the surface and not penetrate the skin too deeply in order for it to be suitable for general skin types. The molecular size of mineral oil is too large for it to penetrate the skin in comparison to other oils.

Hope this helps!


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