Milia Seeds: White Bumps On Your Face

Happy New Year, beauties! What are your new year resolutions this year? I started off the year with the fear of milia seeds which is why I'm going to write about it today. 

What are milia seeds

Tiny white bumps that appear on your skin. They can happen to anyone, even newborns! (Totally unreasonable…) 

They are meant to be quite harmless - but just irritating to see / have on your face as it changes the texture of your skin. It’s a keratin (protein) growth on your skin where hair follicles and sweat glands are located. They can occur anywhere but it generally happens on your face. 

There’s no known cause but below are a few:
1. Using too many cleansers / lotions 
2. Clogged sweat glands on your skin surface

I had a mild condition of this under my eyes a few weeks ago and started researching on how I can remove them. But I managed to find some products that can be used at home as a chemical exfoliant to help with the skin. 

Living in a tropical climate, I thought maybe new moisturizer I was using was too thick. After I stopped using it, my milia seeds cleared on it’s own. To be fair - I do sweat a lot mostly on my head and my face which is why the moisturizer wasn’t very forgiving for me. 

Don’t worry if you have them! There are many ways to reduce the appearance of your milia seeds. Most importantly, don’t poke or squeeze them. I’ll be writing about my experience with chemical peels soon! 


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