Losing Track Of Time in Quarantine

Hi my Quaran-team, (haha) 

Sorry for the lame pun - the quarantine is getting to us too. It's safe to say that we haven't put shoes on (or a bra) in a month. We've forgotten the feeling of 'form fitting' clothes and so far our existence is an equivalence of a blob. 

We hope you are all coping well despite the uncertainty of this pandemic. But we've listed a few things below that help us stay on track, slightly productive and less likely to want to binge eat. 

Morning Routine (once we wake up) 
🌻Drink water, make breakfast and have some caffeine 
🌻Setup our work station for the day (plant, drinks, phones, chargers, speakers..etc) 
🌻List down some to-do items that we'd like to complete for the day (it can be ONE thing, it can be two or three.. the idea is to keep it realistic) 
🌻Take mini breaks and don't forget to eat lunch! 

Other Smaller Tricks To Start With: (baby steps!) 
💎Change out of your 'sleeping' pajamas into your day lounge wear. It helps to change even if you're not wearing clothes to go out
💎Shower in the morning if it helps you freshen up 
💎Leave your work station setup (if you can) 
💎Find a space around your home and use it as your designated work area 
💎Have a calendar and plan to do at least 1-3 fun or new things for the week 

Things To Do (spread them out and don't try to do them all at once!) 
Clear your kitchen & pantry area 
Try a new recipe (food OR drink!) 
Wash your makeup brushes and organize your vanity
Schedule movie nights with the ones you live with or friends / family online 
Organize your closet
Online shopping - treat yourself! A new outfit for when the quarantine is over or sheet masks to relax at home.

What are your favorite activities? 

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