Is It Bad to Wear Foundation Everyday?

Is it true that wearing foundation every day is bad for your skin? There's a lot of information out there saying that too much make up / foundation can clog up your pores or if you don't double cleanse and remove properly, it'll cause breakouts. 

Based on what we understand, it's actually not a bad thing to wear foundation everyday as long as you're using one that's right for your skin. (and of course, never forget SPF) 

Wearing foundation acts as a barrier to your skin towards whatever's out there. Also with the breakthrough in technology, there are many formulas that can help your skin. There is liquid foundation, powder foundation, bb creams, cc creams etc… even tinted moisturizers with SPF for those who are lazy. Just make sure you are getting the right foundation that is suited to your skin tone and skin type! 

The most important thing is to ensure you are cleansing correctly and removing properly before you hit the hay.


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