Ingredient Spotlight: Retinol In Your Routine

Hi beauties! 

I'm sure you've heard of this highly raved skin care ingredient - retinol. We'd say it's considered an essential in your skin care routine but be sure to choose the right type of retinol product for your skin type. 

If you're in your mid 20's or early 30's it's probably time to consider including this in your skin care routine. 

First things first - what's retinol? 
- A form of Vitamin A known as a 'miracle' ingredient 
- One of the best anti-aging solutions
- Used for topical applications

How does retinol work?
- Exfoliating your skin and promoting skin cell turnover and renewal 

- Promotes firmer and healthier looking skin
- Improved elasticity and even skin tone (texture and pigmentation)

Start with a lighter formula with retinol for your skin to get used to it. Gentle retinol products are cream based but if you're looking at something more potent (if your skin can handle it) then it's in serum or essences. 

Tip: if you've got a retinol serum that's too potent for you, put a few drops in your moisturizer.

Have you used retinol products before? What's your favourite? 


Souffle Team


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