How To Prep Your Skin Before Makeup

Aside from using great makeup products, your skin has to be prepped and primed well in order for your foundation to sit nicely on your skin for the whole day. 

Of course, you have to choose the right type of foundation for your skin type and weather condition you're living in. For example, if your skin is dry, don't use powder foundations and try to stick to cream or liquid based. Or if you're living in a humid / hot place (i.e. Singapore, SEA, Middle East), you'll need a long lasting foundation that doesn't sweat off. We found this article by HerWorld that shares some. We love the one from Laura Mercier! 

So how do you prep your skin for makeup?

1) Exfoliate - if you've got a big date or a huge event coming up, we suggest starting with this step! it removes the kinks on your skin for easier application later. 
2) Mask (optional) - if you generally have dry or flaky skin, maybe you should include this step in. The worst thing that could happen is your foundation cracking on your skin! 
3) Moisturize - try to find lightweight moisturizers to hydrate your skin since you'll be layering on top of that. Don't forget SPF! We like water-based sun creams as it's lighter on the skin.
4) Prime - many people omit this step but it's actually one of the crucial ones. Having a good primer actually helps to 'seal' the kinks and bumps on your skin to help application. It also helps to 'seal' your pores minimizing it's appearance and assists in helping your foundation stay on longer! 

We hope this helps you and please share with us if you have any tips or tricks in prepping your skin for makeup! 


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