How to Pick Your (Perfect) Shade of Foundation

So based on our last blog about BB and CC creams, we’re going to go into picking the right type of foundation today. Maybe some days you want to have more coverage or you just love the makeup look! We’re not judging, we love it too. Let’s get straight to it!


Choose one based on your skin type.
There are so many reviews and recommendations on what type of foundation to purchase based on your skin type. I personally love a water based foundation cause it’s smoother for the skin! And living in humidity, I need to set it with powder after so it works out perfectly. 

What’s your skin undertone? 
You’ll need to identify your skin’s undertone color. There are warm and cool tones for complexion colours. Warm complexions look better with yellow undertones whereas cool complexions look better with red/pink undertones. You’ll be able to see this in the foundation shade range they are generally labeled with Y or R/P. Or you could go for a neutral color if you’re skin color is easy to match. 

Find your shade.
If you have sensitive skin, it’s always safe to swatch on your arm first. Just to ensure you don’t get a reaction out of any product! But you can use your chest or the side of your face around your jawline to test out some shades. After you dab the color, try to blend it a little just to make sure it looks like ‘second skin’. *note: it’s hard to test in a store with the fluorescent lighting. Try asking a beauty advisor or try to find some natural light. 

Type of foundation. 
Are you looking for full coverage? Matte or dewy finish? There are so many types out there. But of course this is also affected by your skin type. If you have dry skin, it’s normally advised to use matte foundations. 

Oxidizing foundation.
This pretty much means that your foundation appears darker then when you applied it. It changes color based on the oils on your skin mixing with the pigmentation of the foundation. If you are swatching the foundation, oxidation generally happens at least one hour after application so you’ll need to test that out! Or you could just google reviews. Although I don’t see this being that big of an issue with many foundations.


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