How to Organize and Declutter Your Beauty Products

Hello Beauties,


2020 has been a challenging year so far and it has changed the way we do things in more ways than one. Since everyone’s been staying home now more than ever (hopefully!), people have started tending to home projects they have been putting off before. One ultimate task I had was decluttering and boy was it tough!


After going through all my stuff, it turns out I had too much of a lot of things. Unfortunately, some of those things include skincare, makeup, and a bunch of other beauty products. Some things I loved, some things I said “one day I’ll try”, and some I didn’t even remember I had!


I took a look at this pile of things and I realized how much I have been taking them for granted and how much space and money I could have saved.


So if you’re like me, this may be the perfect time to dejunk and reorganize your beauty collection. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you decluttering!


Lots of makeup and skincare products spread out


#1 Take Everything Out


Calm down. We’re not throwing everything away. Find all the products you have and put them in a single spot. This can be your bed, the dining table, or on the carpet. Hunt down all the little things you have and pile them up.


Surprise! Take a look at how big your collection is. You might let out a little scream because of the shock but at least now you see just how much stuff you actually have.


#2 Play the Matching Game


Line up everything and put them into categories. Separate all your hair care, skincare, and makeup products. Try to see if some of them are the same type, similar shade, and place those that match closer to each other. Arrange them by colors, scent, and purpose. This is called your beauty inventory.


#3 Find What Matters Most


Take a good look at each product and see if they “spark joy”. If one of them isn’t really doing that, grab yourself a box and place all the not-so-joyful items in there.

Besides asking about joy, you might want to ask yourself a few more questions:

  • Do the products work for you? Sometimes we want to keep something because they’re on trend or because we’ve paid too much money on them. If the product doesn’t work for you there’s nothing you can do about it. If it’s skincare that’s making your skin sensitive, stop. It is not worth dreading about money when you are already getting nasty reactions from a product. If it’s makeup that doesn’t flatter you, try it out once more so you’ll be reminded of how much it makes you feel even worse. There’s no point in cherishing a product that doesn’t really do anything for you. Seeing them again and again will only remind you of that.

  • Do you have multiple pieces of the same thing? It happens. You find something you like and you start purchasing the same shade or same style just in different packaging and from different brands. Find your favorites and limit yourself to one or two pieces of the same thing.

  • Sure, you like the product but when was the last time you used it? If you can’t even remember, then ask yourself again why it’s still in your stash. If it’s because you’ll “wear it again one day”, I suggest you think about it some more.

  • There is probably a reason why you prefer other products over it. Maybe you like it but it doesn’t suit your fashion, your lifestyle, or personality. Be honest with yourself and trust your instincts. Your instincts have told you to stay away from the product so far.


If they all still spark joy, then just go ahead to the next step. Don’t worry. It might just be because you have been smart with your choices and that’s awesome!


A purse exploding with beauty products


#4 Watch Out for Expiration Dates


For health and safety reasons, please get rid of your expired products. Look at your product labels and confirm if they aren’t past the use by dates. You can also smell and sight check the products. If the color and/or scent is off, then say goodbye. Yes, it may be money wasted but it’s the hygienic thing to do.


#5 Keep a Couple of “Just Cause” Items


We’re kind people here. If you really love something, keep it! But limit yourself to a few things. The point of decluttering is getting rid of clutter. Things you love are not just junk or clutter. Keep in mind the size of the collection you want to have and see if it is really worth that prized spot. This will also remind you to cherish what you have and stop buying things that don’t matter.


#6 Don’t Just Keep the Basics


You can live with a single nude eyeshadow palette but is that still you? This is why some people end up buying again and again. That sudden, “oh, I miss wearing bright colors” will only push you to purchase additional items. Again, this is not just about being a minimalist, decluttering is a way to remind yourself of the things you value most. This is your collection and it’s all about you and what you like.


#7 Store Them Right


Your collection is now a more manageable size. Putting them at the right places is the next step.

  • Keep Similar Things Together. Similar products should stick together so that you know if you have multiple stocks.

  • Makeup Bag. Your makeup bag or pouch should be the right size and form. This is what you usually bring when you’re going out or doing your makeup someplace else. Make sure everything fits and is easily accessible. If you have a hard time finding things and putting them back in, you will start placing them where it’s most convenient. I have found lipsticks, pencils, tubes, pots in the most random spots in my bag before.

  • Everything Should Be Visible. Quit using large boxes that eventually become black holes. Opt for makeup drawers and product shelves where you can see everything and easily get things in and out of them. This way you know what you have and how much you have all the time. If you don’t have enough storage to keep everything visibly organized, try putting labels on the covers.


Skincare, hair products, and makeup, these things exist to take care of you both mentally and physically. They have a beautiful role in your life. Making sure you use them and you use them right. This will allow that role to function in your life. Don’t take your products for granted and really place the right values to them.



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