How To Layer Your Products (Skincare Edition)

Hi lovelies, 

Skin care routines are always personalized based on what your skin needs. But it's important to layer them correctly in order to get the full benefits from your products! No matter what you use in your routine if you use less or more, the form of layering should look like this below: 

1) Cleanse - gentle cleansers to wash your face morning and night 
2) Toners / Essence - products that contain humectants to hydrate your skin 
3) Serums / Oil treatments - products that are either oil based or your favorite serums 
4) Moisturizers - this helps to seal it all in! we prefer using light-weight moisturizers in the summer and switch on to thicker creams in the winter 
5) Acne / Acid treatments - this is where your retinoids come in. some people like to put it after dry (cleaned) skin but applying it after your normal routine helps to decrease the likelihood of your skin getting irritated by it 
6) Sunscreen - of course, only if you go out don't forget SPF! 


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