Having clear skin starts with hygiene and one of the biggest rookie mistakes would be not washing your makeup brushes and blenders. Can you imagine how much product build up is stuck in your brushes? All the foundation, concealer, powders… everything. 

Did you know? You should wash them at least once a week based on research done by dermatologists to avoid growing bacteria and ultimately, breakouts!

Souffle beauty brushes

All you need to start is water and a gentle soap or a brush cleanser.

1. Wet the tip of your brush bristles or blender with warm water
2. Put a dollop of soap or brush cleanser (depending on size of brush) in your hand
3. Massage the tip of brush bristles in circular motions or blender
4. Rinse brush or blender under warm water 
5. Squeeze out the water with a clean towel 
6. Adjust your brush bristles to it’s original style Dry your brushes hanging or off a counter to keep it’s shape. 

P.S. You can also buy a 'silicone makeup brush cleanser' - it helps the washing process to get a deeper cleanse. There are many types so be sure to find one that you like!

Makeup brush cleanser
That’s all it takes - now go wash your brushes, beauties!


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