How to Care For Your Skin on a Flight

Hi beauty junkies, 

Have you seen instagram posts about people using their face masks on the flight? #shameless but #goodidea. Once I got over the idea of being 'embarrassed', masking during a flight makes a difference.

But if you're not comfortable with it, we've shared a few tips below of alternative options you can do to stay hydrated during a flight. 

1. (obvious one but) drink lots of fluids (water) 
2. facial mist to spritz as you feel dry to maintain moisture 
3. use your favorite serum (check out our probiotic serum that's travel friendly and super hydrating!) or oil throughout the flight to hydrate your skin 
4. apply a sheet mask so that you can use it on your seat and dispose of it easily
5. if you’re on a long haul flight, thicker creams or moisturizers will be recommended to protect your skin and lock in moisture for a longer period of time 

Have you masked on a flight before? Share with us your experience! 


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