Different Types of Masks for Your Skin Type

I think I can safely say that we are overwhelmed with the choices of face masks. Too many face masks but not enough faces, amirite! Read on for 5 different types of face masks and some basic information. 

1. Sheet masks - for all skin types
Cleanse your face to remove any residual dirt before using the mask. Leave the sheet mask on for about 15-20 mins (or according to the package). After that, use the residual essence and gently massage it on your skin. For maximum benefits, use a moisturiser to lock it in. 

2. Clay masks - normal to oily skin 
Used to detoxify the skin as it hydrates without oil. It works as it hardens, firms and tightens on the face closing off the skin to air. When it’s ready to wash off, use warm water to gently wash it off. 

3. Cream masks - normal to dry skin
Cream masks are generally packed with oil and moisturisers to help replenish dry cells. Apply the cream mask on your face and clean it off with a warm damp towel. 

4. Gel masks - dry and sensitive skin
Think of aloe vera gel - how it helps to soothe your skin after being out in the sun all day. It’s a similar concept that a gel mask is good for people with dry and sensitive skin as they are in need of hydration. Similar steps to apply generously to your face and wash off with warm water or warm damp towel. 

5. Exfoliating masks - depending on type of mask (not advisable for problematic or eczema) 
Did you see that video of the girl screaming while pulling the face mask off? Well - that’s what it is. It pretty much pulls off deep dirt in your pores using acids which gives you a gentle exfoliation. It helps give you an instant glow but you shouldn’t use this type of mask more than once a week as they can dry out your skin. 


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