Chemical or Natural?

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There's always a mismatch of information online when it comes to skincare - whether chemical (aka synthetics) or natural ingredients are better. Even when I'm doing personal research, there is a bias-ness towards companies trying to add value to their own products. 

TL;DR based on skincare that you’ve used before, find the ingredients that work well for you and make sure the skincare is suitable for the climate. Chemical (aka synthetics) or natural skincare are both okay to use as long as you know what you need.


First myth buster: 

Did you know that (technically) all skincare has chemicals? Why? even water is considered a chemical aka h2o. 
What is a chemical / synthetic ingredient? 

They are made by chemists in a lab based on their natural compounds. It mimics the actual form and purpose of the ingredient in terms of consistency, texture and efficiency. Generally products within this range have longer shelf lives. 

What is a natural / organic ingredient? 
The derivative of certain ingredients from it's natural form or the way it was grown. There are different types of products that use the actual form or an extraction of the ingredient. Products within this range have shorter shelf lives.

Its not an article to say which is better but I think it should be based on personal preference. Some brands do a mixture of ingredients with natural extracts with chemicals. Cause if you really think about it, chemical / synthetic ingredients have stronger potency of anti-aging formulas, for makeup removers, acids, etc... 

Personally, I would pick and choose the types of skincare used within my routine. For example, a skin cleanser or makeup remover would need some chemicals to breakdown the makeup that has been applied to my face. Or a serum would need (some sort) of chemicals to help my (aging...) skin. 

What is your preference for skincare? 

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