Beauty Prep for Chinese New Year


With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it's time to step up your game. It feels like we've just celebrated (...we kind of did) Christmas and NYE with endless eating and it's about to be round 2. 

We've got to get our skin clear and some last minute detoxing to look our best. Even though we're probably going to get the usual questions and comments of weight gain, life partners and life goals... what else is new? 

1) Try a double-cleansing method - using cleansing oils, balms or micellar water before your normal cleanse. 
2) Exfoliation - using a facial cleanser tool, konjac sponge, or a gentle sponge to help buff away dead skin cells. 
3) Facial mask - hydration sheet mask (or one that's suitable for you) to keep your skin soft. 
4) If your budget allows, go for a facial about a week or two before CNY starts. (Make sure it’s a reputable place!)

Repeat these steps and make sure you keep your skin clean every day! :) It’s important to start the exfoliation step but not overdo it. The suggestion is to start once or twice a week depending on your skin condition / daily activity. Write us if you have any queries! 


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