Beauty Prep For After Covid-19

To all my beautiful people, 

How are we coping with lockdowns? I'm sure we're all dealing with overgrown nails, eyelash extensions that are hanging by a thread and overgrown roots that are in need of a touch up. 

I think it's safe to say that we are all going through the same thing and trying to figure out when we are able to go to our hair, nail, spa, facial appointments. But what can you do in the meantime to help cope and emerge from our lockdowns looking... somewhat decent? We joke, we're just vain. 

1) NAILS 💅🏼
One of the easy things we like to start with is nails cause of that 'instant gratification' you feel when your nails are done... You feel me? Keep your nails tidy when you are at home with an at-home manicure. Cut them, shape them and apply your favorite color till you can go back to your professional. 

2) HAIR 👱🏼‍♀️
Basic at home hair treatments to give yourself that luxe feel. Put on that hair mask that has been gathering dust in your closet and giving yourself a proper blow out after. 

3) SKIN 💆🏻
This is the time to pamper your skin a little bit. To give yourself a 'full fledged spa treatment' start by using a clay mask to rid of all your congested pores followed by a hydrating sheet mask with your jade roller. Sounds like a perfect evening to me! 

You maybe tempted to cut your hair now but don't do it unless you are experienced! When we say hair colors we mean those fun box wash off hair dyes. This is a time to experiment and to see what colors may suit you! 

For days when you feel meh - get glammed up. I think it might be a month since we've actually put on makeup. Get your smokey eye and red lip on - snap some selfies! 

This is such a fun one! Get online with your bestie or someone living at home and put on a fashion show! You'll get two things out of this one: 1) great photos for instagram and 2) a pile of clothing to donate for stuff you wear anymore! 

Do you have any ideas? Share them with us! We'd love to hear from you and add on to our list :) 


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