Active Ingredient highlight: Vitamin A

What is Vitamin A? 
- Retinol, Retinoids and Retinal 
*Not suitable to use every night once you start, it depends on how strong the topical cream is and how sensitive your skin is as well. 

How does it help in skin care?

1) Helps to even skin tone
- lightens brown spots and helps to boost radiance (it helps to shed pigmented and damaged skin cells on the skin's surface) 
- Retinoids help to block an enzyme needed for the production of melanin (pigmentation) 

2) Helps with skin regeneration
- Reverses skin damage and aging
- Great for mature skin
- Helps to stimulate cell turnover 
- Slows down oil production

3) Helps to smooth wrinkles and fine lines
- Slows down process of aging skin as it helps collagen stimulation

Can I use Vitamin A with AHA or BHA? 
Let's say you are using Retinol (present in most mass-produced brands). You can use it together with AHA or BHA but be advised that they are strong active ingredients that will need time for your skin to get accustomed to it. It is advised to start of with either one to build your skin's tolerance first. 

- Must use sun screen when using vitamin A. The active ingredients cause your skin to be more sensitive towards the sun.
- Not suitable for women who are pregnant. 


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