5 Beauty Trends that You Will See Everywhere in 2020

Hi beautie!

With the start of this new year comes a shift in the beauty industry. We are leaving a lot of last year’s trends in 2019. These are some of the hottest beauty trends that you will see everywhere in 2020:

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1. Micro French Manis

That’s right, French manicures are back. Only these days, they’re being done on real nails instead of acrylics. It’s all about making the French tip as a fine as possible for a classy and natural looking mani. Get it done at the salon or DIY your own at-home manicure.

2. Fun Hairstyles

Fun hairstyles are all the rage at the start of this new decade – think high ponytails and playful updos. Throw a ribbon or scrunchie into your ponytail for a sassier twist on the traditional styles.  

3. Mineral Skincare

Most of us are away of the benefits of minerals when taken as vitamins, but did you know that they are great when applied topically as well? Combine topical application with ingestion and your skin (and well-being!) will thank you for it. Try reaching for oral magnesium for stress reduction and topical magnesium or a major skincare antioxidant boost.

4. Twilighting

You’ll be hearing a lot about this in 2020! Twilighting is the latest haircoloring technique for brunettes. It’s perfect for warmer brown hair who still want some golden undertones. Your hair stylist can achieve this look by painting some balayage pieces in addition to mixing in some babylights. We’re sure you’ll be seeing this look year-round.

5. More Eco-Friendly Products

You’ll soon see more and more beauty brands with fully recyclable plastic packaging, switching to materials like Ocean Wise plastic. Not only that, but they are making the products themselves eco-friendlier as well. You’ll see a lot of up and coming biodegradable facial wipes and sheet masks. This is one beauty trend we are so on board with!

So, what did you think about these emerging trends? Keep an eye out for them in 2020!

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