Why it works

Souffle Beauty Skincare

Our skincare line was born out of the need for skincare that is formulated specifically for tropical climates. We combined traditional ingredients with latest scientific research and packed our products with goodness - rose and probiotics, without adding alcohol or parabens.

Simple yet effective, charged with active ingredients yet light on skin. 

Made in Singapore, with love.

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  • "Souffle Beauty line is one of the best skin care products i have ever tried out! It's amazing how it suits all skin types. My skin is sensitive and gets irritated from almost anything. This line did me wonders! It's so delicate on the skin because of the Bulgarian roses that makes them. It left my skin soft, glowing, and so natural."
    - Esraa Al Jeeran - Makeup Academy
  • "Love love love all three products as it is very light and works well with my sensitive skin. It gives me that natural glow after im done with the routine."
    - Sarah Samel
  • "Suitable for all skin types. I have combination skin oily T - Zone and normal to very dry skin. I have been using this skincare line for more than 5 months and I’ve tried a lot of well known and expensive brands since I’ve been dealing with adult Acne for the past 3 years and so far the products helped me to control my acne breakout and gave me natural glowing skin. I really love it. ❤️"
    - Sheigne Sigua

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